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DEI+ Pilot and demonstration projects in hydrogen production, storage, transportation and end uses of hydrogen. Open until 25/06/24 DEI+: Waterstof en groene chemie (
DKTI-transport For projects in the field of sustainable transport, whose innovation is not yet or only recently on the market. Closed Demonstratie klimaattechnologieën en -innovaties in transport (DKTI-transport) (
GroenvermogenNL Commit to innovation and scaling up hydrogen projects for energy transition and green chemistry. They invest in R&D, pilots, demonstration projects and human capital including training. Open GroenvermogenNL | Homepage
HER+  Pilot and demonstration projects in renewable energy generation that result in a CO₂ reduction (by 2030 at the latest) and a cost reduction on the SDE++. Closed, but still available Hernieuwbare Energietransitie (HER+) (
INTERREG Vlaanderen - Nederland
MIT: R&D - collaborative projects Are you an SME working with other SMEs to develop or innovate products, production processes or services? Then apply for an R&D Collaboration Project. Opening soon until 17/09/24 MIT: R&D-Samenwerkingsprojecten
MIT: R&D - collaborative projects AI Are you working together with other SMEs to develop or innovate products, production processes or services and would you like to contribute to the development of the digital key technology Artificial Intelligence (AI)? If so, you can apply for an R&D Collaboration Project on the theme of AI. This is how the government stimulates innovation. Closed MIT: R&D-Samenwerkingsprojecten Artificiële Intelligentie (AI)
MIT: Knowledge vouchers Are you an SME and have a knowledge question about the innovation of your products, production processes or services? If a knowledge institution is going to answer your question, you can use a knowledge voucher. With this 'voucher', you can pay up to 70% of the knowledge institution's bill. This is how the government stimulates innovation. Open until 29/11/24 MIT: Kennisvouchers
MIT: TKI Network activities As a Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI), do you want to promote knowledge sharing and networking among SMEs with networking activities such as master classes, workshops or conferences? Then apply for a grant for networking activities. Open until 02/07/24 MIT: TKI-Netwerkactiviteiten
MIT: TKI Innovation Agents As a Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI), do you want to advise SMEs on innovation of products, processes or services? Do you provide technology assistance or technology transfer services? Then apply for a grant to hire an innovation broker. Open until 02/07/24 MIT: TKI-Innovatiemakelaars
MOOI R&D grant for large-scale innovation projects working on complete solutions that contribute to the 2030 climate goals and beyond. Closed Missiegedreven Onderzoek, Ontwikkeling en Innovatie (MOOI) (
NWO For fundamental research. Multiple open calls NWO | Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek
Opschalingsregeling (OWE) Investment subsidy for hydrogen production via electrolysis (0.5MW - 50MW input capacity). Open Subsidieregelingen voor waterstof (
SDE++ Operating subsidy that focuses on large-scale deployment of technologies that produce renewable energy and other technologies that reduce carbon emissions.  Open Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie en Klimaattransitie (SDE++) (
SDS-regeling Support for applying sustainability-enhancing innovations when building or remodeling a vessel. Closed Subsidie Duurzame Scheepsbouw (SDS) (
SSEB Subsidy scheme for the purchase of and conversion to zero-emission (emission-free) construction equipment and construction vessels by construction companies. Open Subsidieregeling Schoon en Emissieloos Bouwmaterieel (SSEB) (
Topsector Energiestudies Industrie  (Feasibility) study for investment choice in a follow-up pilot/demo project or mature technology. Open until 31/03/25 TSE Industrie studies (
TSE industrie O&O R&D grant for SMEs to achieve cheaper, climate-neutral and/or circular products, services, processes with first market application by 2030. Closed TSE Industrie Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling (
VEKI Investments in (applications of) devices, systems or techniques in industry with a payback period of more than 5 years, which contribute to the cost-effective reduction of CO₂ emissions in industry in the Netherlands in 2030. Open until 31/01/25 Versnelde klimaatinvesteringen industrie (VEKI) (
INTERREG Flanders - The Netherlands The priorities of the program are: Innovation and skills for smart transformation, climate, environment & nature, inclusive employment and sustainable leisure, and cooperation to overcome border obstacles Open Interreg-programma's in Vlaanderen | VLAIO